Nakjama Laser Pistol "Ludmila"

This Laser Pistol, along with “Ruslan” were prizes taken from a scout on a distant planet that Boris no longer remembers the name of. However, he will always remember the days he spent tracking down this stubborn man as he fled after being discovered. As exciting as the chase was, the finale was anticlimactic due to the scout being mauled by a local creature that resembled a bear. He named them after characters from an old Russian poem.

Nakjama Laser Pistol “Ludmilia”

  • Small Arms
  • 3d6 Damage
  • 1-4/5-9/10-14
  • Power per shot- 1
  • 1 power pack capacity

pg. 93, or here

Nakjama Laser Pistol "Ludmila"

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