Intek Laser rifle "Firebird"

Shortly after joining the unit, while deployed to an urban environment, Boris came under fire from an enemy sniper. After a long game of cat and mouse, the enemy sniper fell prey to one of several traps Boris had set, maiming them. Upon reaching the sniper, Boris put two shots into their head, as payment for the several wounds he had suffered during the chase. He named this far reaching rifle after a bird in Russian legends, that was both a blessing and a bringer of doom to it’s captor.

Intek Laser rifle “Firebird”

  • Small Arms
  • 2d6+2 Damage
  • 1-12/13-30/31-51
  • Power per shot- 2
  • 2 power pack capacity

pg. 93, or here

Intek Laser rifle "Firebird"

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