Sgt. Boris Tsigler

XO of the Lance


Build: 8+


Communications 3+
Computers 4+
Cryptology 3+
Demolitions 5+
Drive 6+
Forgery 4+
Gambling 4+
Gunnery/Mech 2+
Medtech 3+
Navigation 4+
Perception 5+
Piloting/Mech 4+
Security Systems 4+
Small Arms 4+
Stealth 6+
Survival 4+
Running 8+


Boris is a cautious man, always preferring to go to battle with as much information as possible. He knows that the key to victory is not always who has the biggest guns(, though that does help a lot,) but often about how much you can find out about your enemy and how much you can hide from them. While highly trained as a comms operator, as well as being well versed in Navigational systems, he is only an average mech pilot at best.

Boris has done much traveling and soul searching before eventually finding his home in the unit. He has obtained may trophies from the battlefield, as well as from overconfident gamblers. His Phoenix Hawk in particular was won from a cocky merc in a drunken game of cards. Being far from stupid, upon winning, he had the papers signed and ownership transferred before the merc sobered up. Boris is more than willing to let his allies make use of his gear, so long as they return it in the condition it was received, or a suitable “Donation” of cash or equipment to replace lost/consumed items.

Boris’ Cache

On Hand Equipment:

Ablative/Flack Vest
Medkit x2
Combat knife
Basic Field Communicator
Micro Communicator
Solar Recharger
Range Finder binoculars
Sunbeam Laser Pistol
Intek Laser rifle with JAF-05 Flash Suppressor And Sniper scope
Minigrenade x2
5 extra Power Packs

Sgt. Boris Tsigler

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