Yuri Goncharov

Brave. Harsh. Low-tech. Decent chess rating.


bld 5
ref 6
int 5
lrn 5
cha 4

athletic 7
physical 7
mental 8
social 9

gunnery (mech) – level 4
piloting (mech) – level 4
small arms – level 3 / 1 progress
survival – level 3
unarmed combat – level 2
running – level 2
tactics – level 2
med-tech – level 1

500 c-bills cash

personal communicator
deluxe field kit
zeus heavy rifle
sniper scope
armored body suit (not typically equipped)

advantages – 3 edges

advancement: 4 AP, 5 skills


Yuri is a skilled and experienced MechWarrior with broad training in survival and personal combat. At 6’ish, a well-exercised 190ish, and some indeterminate age in his thirties, he cuts the profile of the mid-career military man rather nicely – except for his robust locks of brown hair, which he maintains in celebratory defiance of the regulation crew-cut of his past.

Rumor is that he had a bright and rising career as an officer in the Free Worlds League until it ended abruptly. Now he’s a mercenary in a tiny, obscure unit without so much as NCO stripes. Something probably didn’t go how he wanted it do. He won’t talk about it.

Yuri can be warm to those very close to him but makes absolutely no effort to be liked and generally treats people outside of his tiny inner circle like shit. He will open up a little bit to strangers who share his bitter sense of humor

He is annoyed that he’s getting weaker and more tired as the years go by, but he’s still a military workhorse on a bruising self-inflicted physical training regimen and a far cry from out of shape.

He loves the Russian iconography of his heritage and the historical legends of the eastern peoples of Terra who persevered to victory against all hardships. He’s not actually any sort of communist or tsarist though. He doesn’t bring up his politics and, in the manner of many soldiers, actively disregards the rationales that the dumbass suits back home (or now, contractors) use to send him to war and just worries about winning.

He reads a lot of classical and contemporary literature and plays correspondence chess a half-dozen games at a time. He occasionally gets rip-roaringly wasted off of vodka and heavy beer but doesn’t drink most days. He smokes harsh cigarettes.

On the battlefield he favors the morale-shattering effects of ultra-heavy weaponry over mobility or resilience. He believes the effects of his AC20 are far more than worth their weight in missiles or lasers (although the PPC is a credible tool). He has agitated command and ownership to supplement the Division’s loudout with some artillery, to no success thus far.

Yuri has the devil’s own luck, and acts like it. His tendency to charge into the center of the fray and come out of it with paint damage is very useful but it might get him killed one of these days.

Yuri Goncharov

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